The Invisible Distributed System: Your Cloud Service Dependency

The Invisible Distributed System: Your Cloud Service Dependency

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As you create your cloud platform, enabling developers to build business value as quickly as possible, you’ll start to use cloud services, not just for compute or container orchestration, but also likely for communication and data storage. Your cloud vendor may tell you that their services have many 9s of availability and nothing will ever go wrong. Reality can be a bit trickier.

In this presentation, James Burns will walk through a common architecture using an API for queueing data and then later storing it. He will illustrate the basic instrumentation one might do and how it will likely be insufficient. James will then share best practices to instrument the system and outline how you can verify the instrumentation though basic failure testing.

Expect to learn about the behavior of cloud service APIs, the challenges with instrumenting them, best practices to address those challenges, and simple method to test your observability.

Category: Tracing & Observability
Length: 35minutes
Price: Free
Level: Intermediate
Language: English

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James Burns
James Burns
Developer Advocate